Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Liquor Aroma of TTL Hualien Distillery

Last week I posted about Qilaibi Lighthouse a three minutes away from it there is this place TTL Hualien Distillery Products Promotion Center. Here you can buy their liqour products.

Their entrance was painted with tribal color of Amis culture where in here in Hualien you can meet a lot of Ameizu or amis people, indigenous people of Taiwan. You can also see the painting dance movement of Amis in their different costume. Amis people are hard working much like they always drink wine especially when they are off from working.

Beside of the main entrance of the store there is this molded jar and they shape it like a person and it was too cute to take a picture with it.

Outside you can see displayed  molded jars where in we know  that in the past  many breweries used this to stock the wines until it will ripen.
There is also this sign board wherein you can see how they process craft beer from raw products to finished products.

I roamed into it's surrounding and there you are a two giant gold fish,  a gazeeboo and a fish pond .

Inside of the promotion center you can see a lot of liqour products of TTL. Containers are in different shape, colors and packages. But have this one which caught by my eyes. A bottle of liqour  inside of it was a dragon shape and guess how much it is? It cost 5000 Taiwan Dollar. LOL, expensive!

While exploring inside I saw a corner where they display the history of how they start the brewery. I can see some old typewriter, old telephone, old documents and a rice in a canister.

There is a wooden table and bench where you can take a rest while enjoying some ice cream and handmade cookies. Prices are varied depend on the ice cream you want to buy.

Sorry I did not buy wine. I just there to look what inside. hahaha... But for those who want liquor go there and buy.

Location: No. 6 Meigong Road, Hualien City, Hualien County
Website : Hualien Distillery

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer Day Tour at Qilaibi Lighthouse

Hello! Hope everyone is doing good and great. It's really a long time that I been busy working on my job and forgot to say anything in my blog. But hope you guys always tune in and read my not so good write ups.LOL

Just the other day I'm talking to my friend that I want to eat ice cream in Qixingtan but were not in the mood going out there. But for no reason I just feel going out somewhere on the next day. Yeah, I'm in the mood so I grab the motor key, sun glass and summer hat for sun protection. I search some places near me and got this place, the Qilaibi Lighthouse/Chilaibi Lighthouse. Ten Minutes away from home. And it is very near to Qixing Scenic View or most people say as Qixangtan/Chisingtan.

Qilaibi Lighthouse was located in Hualien County, Taiwan.The Lighthouse stand in Northern part of Hualien Port. It was built between the Central Mountain range and the Pacific Ocean. The tower is in pentagonal prism with balcony and lantern. It is said that the original lighthouse was built by the Japanese but it was seriously damaged during  WWII. The newly lighthouse was just rebuilt in the same exact lighthouse base to help those nearby Hualien Harbor. The lighthouse is not open to the public.

Nearby is the Hualien Environmental Park and it seems that this park was not really maintain because of it's tall grasses but when you go uphill  you can see the lighthouse from there. I suggest go there sunrise and sunset. It has the romantic feel looking the sky and the horizon of the Pacific Ocean. I just spent about 10 minutes or 15 minutes because it was freaking hot that day.

I enjoyed the dazzling deep blue color of the ocean and the green landscape surrounded to the lighthouse.

with the yellow tiny sunflower look a like.
Nice place for those who love the view of the ocean. On the other side was already the Qixingtan Scenic View. If you want to stay overnight there are hotels and B & B nearby of the Qilaibi Lighthouse.

Location: No.101, Huadong, Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Visit website: https://lighthouse.motcmpb.gov.tw/lighthouse

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

[EVENT] Global WOW Korea | I Definitely Want to Visit Korea because....

"It's better to see it once rather than heard it a million times." Korea is my imagination but I want this imagination to be real that's why I will definitely want to visit and see Korea as possible.

Photo Credit: KTO
There are many reasons why I love to travel and see the beauty of  what the world may bring to us. I deeply in love with Korea and it's one of the best reason that I got inspired to wrote my travel getaways. I was really amazed how beautiful Korea is. 

South Korea is on my first wish list to visit if I had given the chance. You want to know why?

Korea has it's own unique diversity.When it comes to it's beautiful places, Korea has a natural beauty. There are places that you can experience the traditional village from Joseon dynasty and traced the Korean thousand years of history. Though there is a place that holds sadness over division of Korea there is also a place that you can spend the peaceful time inside nature gifted territory. Korea, a city that embrace the future, a town behind modern times and a street that lights up of it's people.

Namsan Tower at night.
Tranquility in Jecheon Chungcheongbukdo, SK

When it comes to their rich culture, I am eagerly to learn more about it and tell the world how much they value their traditions. One of the things that I need to do if I have given the chance to visit Korea is to wear their traditional Korean costume, the Hanbok which I have seen it in many historical Korean dramas and movies. I can see the vibrant color and how graceful it is. What about staying in a Hanok Village? Yes, I definitely want to experience the past lifestyle of  Korea.And what about traditional Korean food? Oh well....who doesn't want food,right? Korea has it's own style of table setting which make you drooling. Many delicious foods are there in the table. Korea was known to be the land of Kimchi-licious.

This are the reasons why I love Korea. And it's my dream to set a footsteps in the Land of Morning Calm. I haven't been there but nothing is impossible, I will do my best and make this wish come true.

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